Close-up portrait of smiling female by the sea.

Taking Care of Your Sunburned Skin

You no doubt know how important it is to protect your skin and the importance of wearing sunscreen, covering your skin, and staying out of the sun as much as possible, especially when it is at its harshest – but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we end up with a sunburn. Here are some tips for… Read More »

Doctor injecting a botox to bearded young man

11+ Things You Should Know About Botox

Are you interested in getting Botox? There is a reason why this is such a popular procedure – but you may have your own list of questions about what you can expect. Read on for 11+ things you should know about Botox! Botox facts What are your questions about Botox? You might want to know that… Read More »

Short-haired blonde looks tenderly at camera, dressed in white sundress with bare shoulders.

Which Procedures Help Treat Sun and Age Spots?

Age spots and sun spots develop gradually over time with prolonged UV ray exposure. Most often occurring in people over 40. Do you love spending time in the sun but don’t want to live with age spots? Give us a call to learn more about these helpful procedures. Chemical Peeling A chemical peel involves applying… Read More »

Woman Applying Sun Cream on Tanned Shoulder

Do You Know about Sunscreen?

As we look forward to sunnier days in the coming weeks and months, we also have to start thinking of the ways in which sun exposure can affect our skin. Regardless of age, every person can benefit from sunscreen use. As we meet with patients for skin cancer screenings and cosmetic treatments that correct the… Read More »

Spider hemangioma on the skin of the nose - capillary telangiectasia on the face

What Can I Do about Visible Blood Vessels on My Face?

Telangiectasia. This isn’t a term that most people hear very often, if ever. The most common name used to describe these tiny broken capillaries and blood vessels is spider veins. However, when we think of spider veins, we usually think of the webs of veins that develop on the legs. In reality, though, telangiectasia can… Read More »

Effects of ageing, frown scowl lines

Worried About Bruising from Dermal Filler Treatment?

At some point in the aging process, most people become a little frustrated. Lines and wrinkles and sagging skin all combine to make the face appear longer and more tired than one may feel. Injectables like Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers are excellent treatments to help mitigate these cosmetic concerns. They are popular among adults… Read More »


When Should I Get Screened for Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the leading form of cancer in America. This is bad news. However, there is good news. Skin cancer can be treated. The key to the best-case scenario in terms of prognosis is early detection. When skin cancers are found early, they can often be removed with conservative care, such as Mohs surgery… Read More »

female in neck sweater with winter skin care facial creme

Tips for Your Healthiest Skin This Winter

As our days just begin to get longer once again, we may already be looking forward to summer. First, we’ve got to get through a few more months of colder weather. Colder air means dryer air, though, so it is imperative that we discuss how to properly care for the skin. The wintertime changes in… Read More »

Does Microdermabrasion Hurt?

Exfoliation is a necessary aspect of caring for your skin at any age, but there is only so much benefit to be gained with scrubs and brushes. These methods work on the very outermost surface but do not offer the deep, thorough exfoliation that truly sheds dead and damaged skin cells. Just as running sandpaper… Read More »

Portrait of stunning woman in towel and turban on head enjoying touching her perfect face skin with fingers isolated on white background

Resurfacing Season has Arrived!

As the long, hot days move farther behind us, we have a lot to look forward to. Fall is often the beginning of what we call sweater weather. We know we’ll spend much of the next several months bundled up, which could lead us to neglect our skin. This is the time to do exactly… Read More »

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