Why You Should Think Twice About Indoor Tanning

Mar 15, 2016
Across the country, teens and adults alike are engaging in potentially harmful tanning behaviors.

Across the country, teens and adults alike are engaging in potentially harmful tanning behaviors. One of the most significant findings of skin cancer research has been the role the tanning lamps play in the morphology of basal and squamous skin cells and melanocytes. Even with clear evidence pointing to the danger of UV exposure, data continues to suggest that cases are on the rise, especially in young women.

According to the Melanoma Research Foundation, melanoma is the number one skin cancer diagnosis in adults aged 25-29. In the 15-29 year old age group, melanoma is the second leading cancer to be diagnosed. It is the primary form of cancer responsible for mortality in women aged 25-30, and the second for mortality in 30-35 year old women.
Cancer tends to be a disease we associate with older folks. As statistics show, this is not the case. The more you learn about skin cancer, UV exposure, and tanning beds, the better you will be able to protect your skin, your health, and your life from deadly melanoma.

Unnatural sunlight more dangerous to your skin

Why You Should Think Twice About Indoor Tanning

For several years, there is a misconception about indoor tanning. Many people believed that tanning under controlled light via a tanning lamp was a better method of getting a “healthy” glow. Make no mistake; tanning is bad for the skin no matter how you do it. Those who choose to engage in indoor tanning subject their skin to almost-pure UVA rays, which damage the skin at the precise depth where melanocytes rest. The research on this matter is so clear that the World Health Organization regards tanning lamps as one of the highest cancer risks to humans, right up there with various forms of radium.

Knowing the facts can save your life
• A tan is a sign of skin damage. This will lead to, at the very least, premature aging.
• The risk for melanoma for young people increases 59% after just one session in a tanning bed. Continued use further enhances this risk.
• Melanoma rates are increasing at a higher rate than just about every form of cancer.
• One person dies every fifty minutes from melanoma.

When you realize the extent of damage that can occur from just one bad burn, or from ongoing exposure, it is hopeful that you will get golden brown skin from a bottle rather than UV rays.

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