Signs It's Time to Consider Chemical Peels

Mar 02, 2024
Chemical peels are a popular treatment among skin care enthusiasts — and it’s easy to see why. This customizable treatment tackles common skin concerns, and it could be what your skin care routine is missing. Learn the benefits here.

Are you seeking radiant, glowing skin? These days, there's a plethora of skin care treatments available — and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your options.

Chemical peels are one option that rises above the rest. They’re a popular treatment because they’re customizable, and they can address many of the most common skin issues from acne to aging.

Our team at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center specializes in chemical peels, and we’re here to help you learn more. Here’s how chemical peels work and what they can do for your skin.

How chemical peels work

When you get a chemical peel, your provider smooths a chemical solution over your clean skin. The solution exfoliates and removes the outermost layers of skin, stimulating cellular turnover and revealing fresher, healthier skin underneath.

At Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center, we use the Vitality Institute (VI) Peel. It contains a blend of ingredients like salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and phenol for maximum effect. We leave the peel on your skin for a specific amount of time, then we neutralize the acids, cleanse your skin, and you’re free to go about your day.

Should you consider chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a customizable aesthetic treatment for a variety of common skin issues. Our team starts by examining your skin and discussing your goals, then we create a treatment plan for you.

We tailor the depth of exfoliation to your individual skin concerns and sensitivity levels. Since we offer a variety of options for all skin types, it might be time to consider adding chemical peels to your beauty routine if:

You want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

As you age, your skin's natural renewal process slows down. This leads to a buildup of dead skin cells and a loss of elasticity, leaving you with fine lines, wrinkles, and even age spots.

Chemical peels promote collagen production and skin regeneration to fight these common signs of aging. Anti-aging chemical peels can deliver a smoother texture and improved tone to minimize those fine lines and wrinkles.

You’re dealing with acne or acne scars

Active acne breakouts and acne scarring can be stubborn. And if you’re struggling with acne issues, chemical peels can be a valuable tool.

Peels help unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and regulate oil production to prevent breakouts and promote clearer skin. They also target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and shallow acne scars, giving you a more even skin tone and texture.

Salicylic acid peels, in particular, are renowned for their efficacy in treating acne-prone skin by exfoliating deep within the pores and reducing excess oil.

You have hyperpigmentation 

Sun damage and skin conditions like melasma can leave you with dark spots, discoloration, and an overall irregular skin tone. While the discoloration is often harmless, it can be embarrassing.

Chemical peels — particularly those containing ingredients like TCA and hydroquinone — can penetrate deep layers of your skin and target pigmented cells. Peels trigger skin regeneration to promote a more uniform complexion.

With repeated treatments and proper sun protection, chemical peels can significantly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and restore skin luminosity.

You just want fresher, more vibrant skin

Along with addressing specific skin concerns, chemical peels enhance your overall skin texture and clarity. They clear away dead skin cells, stimulate collagen growth, boost circulation, and promote skin renewal from within.

The result is a smoother, more refined complexion with improved clarity, elasticity, and resilience. So if you’re seeking that natural glow, it’s time to learn more about our chemical peels.

Get your personalized skin care treatment plan from our experienced team at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center. Call our Teaneck, New Jersey, office at 201-836-9696 or book online today.