Summer May Deliver Something you Didn’t Expect

Jul 15, 2017
As we get full swing into summer, what we may be thinking about is how we can get “just enough” the sun to avoid burning and other damage.

As we get full swing into summer, what we may be thinking about is how we can get “just enough” the sun to avoid burning and other damage. We may be planning how to avoid the peak hours, or how to prevent UV exposure to the fullest extent without curbing our desire to be outdoors. There may be other problems that summertime delivers that we never imagined. We want to alert you to what they may be, and what you can do to reduce risk.


You don’t have to be prone to acne to experience flare-ups on your face, back, or another area during the humidity of summer. Acne presents quite the problem for teens and adults and may be exacerbated by heat. To keep your skin healthy and pimple-free, implement proactive measures including:

  • Sweat management. You can’t keep tight reins on how much you sweat. What you can do is remove sweat in a way that will not create further irritation to pores. Blotting away wetness is a gentler way to stay dry than to wipe a towel or hand across the skin.
  • Bacteria management. It isn’t enough to wash your face and body frequently during warm weather, clothing, bedding, and accessories may also be a source of acne if bacteria accumulate on them. Wash towels, sheets, pillowcases, clothing, and even hats to protect the skin.
  • Sunscreen is necessary but may irritate the skin if you’re prone to acne. Look for special formulas for acne or sensitive skin. These are typically lighter to prevent pore blockage.


Because we tend to sweat more during the summer, it is easy to forget that skin can become too dry during this time of year. This is especially so as we get older. Maintain moisture by:

  • Bathing in lukewarm water and using hot tubs only on occasion.
  • Applying moisturizing lotion right after showers preserves hydration on the skin.
  • Moisturizing is something that may need to be done a few times a day. Keeping facial skin fresh and dewy may be as easy as spritzing with water and nourishing oils.


Inflammation in hair follicles may occur more easily in summer, according to studies. The risk of pimple-like redness and irritation may be reduced with:

  • Clothing changes after exercise or sweating.
  • Clothing choices that include loose, airy shirts and shorts.
  • Avoiding hot tubs or pools, or using infrequently. Imbalance in chlorine or other cleansing chemicals may increase the risk of folliculitis.

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