Unexpected Ways the Holidays may Affect your Skin

The time of snowfall and sleigh bells and Santa is here, and that means more joy to go around throughout the month of December. The holidays are a glorious time of shopping and eating and snacking and drinking and baking and eating . . . did we say that? The thing about holiday eating is that we may make food choices quickly, if we’re on the run trying to complete our shopping list. We may also forget to really think about what we’re eating and drinking when gathering with friends and family. But what we put in our mouth over the holiday season can have an effect on the body. We’re not just talking about the waistline; we’re talking about the skin.

Some winter foods can nourish the skin. These include:

  • Coffee. Yes! If you’re a coffee-lover, you may be happy to hear that your favorite caffeinated beverage has been praised for its cancer-fighting capabilities. In addition to other health benefits, one study suggests that a single cup of coffee a day decreases the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancers by 10%.
  • Cocoa. Yes, Yes! What could be better than coffee but a steaming cup of cocoa? In fact, cocoa ( and also red wine) contains a flavinoid called epicatechin. This ingredient encourages blood flow through the vessels just beneath the skin, which promote a smooth texture and healthy tone.
  • Pumpkin. Maybe you have avoided all things pumpkin after indulging on Thanksgiving, but there is good reason to add a little of this winter fruit to your plate. Pumpkin has carotinoids, vitamin C, and vitamin B. It also contains folate and niacin, both of which support healthy circulation to the skin. The vitamin C in pumpkin and other winter fruits has antioxidants that aid in the production of collagen.

Some of our holiday food choices can steal from the skin. These include:

  • Alcohol. Too many drinks and your body quickly becomes dehydrated. If you do indulge in more than a glass or two, be sure to restore hydration with plenty of water.
  • Sugar. The oh, so tasty treats at that holiday party are very likely to contain refined sugar as well as white flour, two food products that degrade collagen.
  • Salt. Who wants to look puffy in their holiday photos! If you don’t, avoid processed foods that contain high amounts of sodium.

The team at Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center wishes you a healthy holiday season.

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