Dry Skin may be more than a Nuisance

Dry skin is a problem for a lot of people, especially during the cold winter months. You would think that the warmer weather of spring would lend way to healthier, more vibrant skin. This natural transition with the seasons doesn’t always happen; and, when it doesn’t, you may feel more than a little frustrated.

When the skin on your hands is excessively dry, cracks may occur. The knuckles may look red and chapped, and they may hurt. We have seen people for whom this problem has gotten so out of hand that they wear gloves at all times, no matter what the thermostat says. This doesn’t have to happen to you! Here, we offer a few ways that you may keep dry skin from going too far, as well as some tips for restoring moisture to dry, cracked hands.

To manage healthy skin:

Wash your hands frequently, but do so with great care. Don’t rely on the soap provided in your workplace, in a restaurant, or in any other public location. Bring your own. It’s that simple. When choosing soap for your dry skin, avoid bars. Look for thicker products with ingredients like glycerin and lanolin. When washing, use only cool or lukewarm water. Then, pat your hands dry. Rubbing only exacerbates irritation. When your hands are dry but damp, this is the best time to apply your emollient hand lotion (again, with lanolin or other nourishing ingredients).

To heal severely dry skin:

Make skin care a vital part of your nighttime routine. Before bed, apply a thick, healing cream to your hands. Ingredients like dimethicone, vitamin E, and glycerin typically restore moisture during the hours that your body is replenishing. Some people turn to natural solutions, such as olive oil. While this can work to lock in moisture, the oil can feel messier than a thick emollient cream. Whichever you choose, you could mitigate the messiness by wearing gloves when you sleep. In fact, wearing gloves should also be the norm. Have dishes to wash or windows to clean or a garden to tend? Wear gloves.

If you are in the Teaneck area, we can help you discover the cause of dryness, and develop a treatment protocol to put an end to your suffering. To schedule a visit with us, call (201) 836-9696.


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