Did you Resolve to Hit the Gym This Year? Here’s What your Skin Needs!

A gym membership can make it easier to uphold your resolution to be physically fit. Even if you’re not after washboard abs, there is a lot to be gained by engaging in classes or workouts at your local fitness center. At the same time, sharing your workout space with dozens upon dozens of other people could spell trouble for your skin. Here, we will talk about what your skin needs before, during, and after those workouts.

Pre-workout Care

All of those free weights, stationary bikes, treadmills, and other gadgets at the gym are loved by humans, as well as the germs they carry. To prevent unnecessary exposure to bacteria that could cause infection through an open cut on a hand or arm, or other dermatologic concern, wipe down your chosen equipment. Many gyms provide sanitary wipes in key locations for just this purpose.

Also, here is a lot of value in washing your face before your workout, even though you’re about to get your sweat on. Washing off makeup is particularly important. This enables skin to breathe and release toxins through the pores, rather than have to hold them in.

Working Out

Obviously, you cannot cleanse your face throughout your entire workout. Luckily, this isn’t necessary. What you can do for your skin is to hydrate. Sip from your water bottle frequently, especially after an intense set or stretch of aerobic activity. Also, keep your hands away from your face during your workout, even if you wear gloves and have disinfected your gear.

Post-workout Care

Showering at the gym is convenient for many people. If you do this, be sure to wear slip-resistant flip-flops or pool-shoes! Bacteria and fungus tend to run rampant in gym showers, and you risk infection by walking around in bare feet, even while under the running water. As tempting as it can be to skip that shower, this can be equally detrimental. You want to wash toxins from your sweat away from your skin, so there is little risk of an acne breakout.

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