Your Donor Area

The donor area is one of the most important considerations to make when getting your hair transplant. This is the area on the sides and back of the head where hair follicles that are not subject to male-pattern baldness reside. Because these follicles continue to grow regardless of their location, They are perfect for being transplanted into your thinning areas. The physician-assisted ARTAS® Robotic System utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and select the best hairs for harvesting, ensuring unparalleled results and preserving the natural look of your donor area. Moreover, while older transplant methods can leave a noticeable scar or pattern, the ARTAS®Robotic Hair Transplant was designed to maintain the natural look of the area.

Your Optimal Hair

Advanced digital imaging scans, tracks and grades each hair, selecting your best hairs for harvesting. Image-guided precision robotics remove each hair individually. Only the minimum amount of your hair needed is harvested to complete the chosen aesthetic design, created by your physician using ARTAS Hair Studio.

Your Site-Making Plan

Your aesthetic design from ARTAS Hair Studio is delivered to the robot for Recipient Site Making. The ARTAS Robotic System creates the ideal hair pattern, giving you a natural look that avoids damaging pre-existing healthy hair.

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