Five Reasons PRP Hair Restoration is So Popular

A person’s hair directly contributes to appearance. Therefore, it directly affects the level of self-esteem a person feels on a day to day basis. Men with pattern hair loss may wish to wear hats whenever possible. Women with diffuse or pattern hair loss may feel frustrated and hopeless when it comes to styling. These daily stressors don’t have to diminish your quality of life. Hair restoration treatments have improved in recent years. We are pleased to perform PRP hair restoration in our New Jersey office. Here, we discuss some of the reasons this process is so popular. 

The science Behind PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma. This organic substance is obtained by processing a person’s blood from a simple blood-draw. Spinning the blood, trained practitioners separate plasma from other blood cells and fluids. Plasma is a colorless substance that is rich in growth factors. Growth factors are involved in nearly every regenerative biological process. To stimulate improved hair growth, the doctor creates tiny punctures using a microneedling device. PRP is then applied over the microchannels in the skin, seeping in to deeper layers of tissue around poorly-functioning hair follicles. 

Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration

  1. Treatment is minimally-invasive. Surgical hair transplants can be uncomfortable and complicated due to the removal of strips or individual follicles and their implantation elsewhere on the scalp. PRP is applied topically with minor pinpricks in the skin. 
  2. Results are natural. The results of PRP hair restoration don’t just look natural, they are natural. This is because the application of this regenerative substance stimulates better hair growth. 
  3. Correction from the inside out. Platelet-rich plasma is not a band-aid type treatment. It addresses the cause of hair loss within hair follicles, so can achieve long lasting results. 
  4. Individualized care. Every person is unique and deserves to receive medical care around their particular concerns. PRP hair restoration can be customized to every patient based on the extent of hair loss and the response that occurs after each treatment. 
  5. Treatment is convenient. There is no downtime needed to recover from PRP hair restoration treatments. Each session takes less than an hour and, aside from some minor swelling and bruising, patients typically experience no significant side effects. They can go right back to work if they wish. 

Dr. Ragi understands the frustration of hair loss. To discuss your concerns and how PRP hair restoration may help, call 201-836-9696 and schedule a consultation. 

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