Will the Summer Sun Affect Your Injectable Treatment?

BOTOX® Cosmetic Bergen County, NJFor over a decade, the norm in aesthetic medicine has been for men and women to reduce the signs of aging with injectable solutions like Botox® and dermal fillers. These two powerhouse treatments work differently in the skin but achieve the same result: fewer lines and wrinkles and a refreshed look. While injectables offer immense benefit with few risks, there are a few things that you should know before scheduling your summertime facial refresher. Primarily, you want to understand how sunlight might affect the outcome of treatment.

Botox in the Spotlight

Botox is an excellent solution for certain signs of aging, including drooping brows, crow’s feet, and downturned mouth corners. Because results of treatment last approximately three months, there may be a need for retreatment during the summer. Is it safe to do so? According to ample research, yes. Doctors do suggest to their patients to avoid too much UV exposure after Botox treatment (including tanning beds), but the reason may not be what many assume. After injectable treatment, side effects like swelling and redness are usually minor. However, UV exposure can exacerbate these effects, making them either more pronounced or longer lasting. Results, though, occur the same whether UV exposure happens after treatment or not.

Dermal Fillers are Another Story

Botox and dermal fillers both reduce wrinkles, but they do so through different actions. Botox reduces signs of aging by attaching to neuro-receptors in muscle tissue, preventing contraction. Dermal fillers add products like hyaluronic acid into the superficial tissue to plump lines and depressions. Scientific research has indicated that UV exposure via sunlight and tanning beds degrades hyaluronic acid (as well as collagen). Therefore, safety precautions should be taken to protect the long-term results of dermal filler treatment during the summer months.

It isn’t necessary to stay completely out of the sun for the entire summer. A few weeks of avoidance is ideal, though. When you do foray into the outdoors, protect the youthfulness of your skin by wearing high-SPF sunscreen and a hat. Antioxidant products in your daily skincare routine can also maximize the results of anti-aging treatment by fighting free radicals. Is spray tanning your thing? That’s great! Just wait one day after injectable treatment to get your glow on.

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