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Ask anyone who’s top lip disappears when they smile, and they will tell you there’s very good reason to consider lip augmentation. A brief glance at the before and after images of American royalty Kylie Jenner, and you can see for yourself the value of this minimally invasive treatment. At Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center, we enjoy complementing our medical dermatology services with cosmetic care that helps our patients feel their best. If you have been considering lip augmentation, read on for important information.

It has been several months since Jenner came clean about her lip injections. Since that time requests for this treatment have increased substantially. What is important to understand before you agree to this semi-permanent change in your appearance, is that there is no perfect size or shape that fits every face. One of the best ways to achieve the results you want is to enter into your consultation with an experienced, board-certified physician with an open mind. Specifically, while it can be beneficial to show your doctor pictures of the luscious lips you want, the most advantageous approach is to ask “what will look best on my face?” An experienced physician has the familiarity with the Golden Rule of proportions that can bring out the best in your facial features.

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

There’s more than one way to augment the lips. One of the most popular is to do so by injecting a hyaluronic acid solution into key areas. The benefit of this approach is that hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed by the body over several months time. Additionally, your doctor can see the changes as they occur, which facilitates the desire for a natural appearance. The goal of lip augmentation is to bring out natural beauty, not to create an over-done appearance.

As popular as lip augmentation is, this nonsurgical cosmetic procedure may not be right for everyone. We can help you determine if enhancing the size and volume of your lips will add the beauty that you expect. The common concerns for which lip fillers are appropriate include deflation that has occurred with age, and a barely-there upper lip, one that disappears when you smile.

It is easier than ever to complement with nature gave you. Call our office at 201-836-9696 today.

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