Four Most Common Skin Conditions

Are you one of those several thousands of people who is suffering from scaly skin, oozing sores or skin rash? These are only a very few of the several signs of skin disorders. In fact, there are over three thousand types of skin disorders that are known to exist. While some of these are known to be temporary in nature others can be treated quite easily, and some are simply a nuisance. However, there are some skin disorders that persist for one’s entire life and may result in emotional distress, disability, and even chronic symptoms. Melanoma is a type of skin condition that can be deadly for a person.

Skin conditionsCommon skin disorders

  • Acne: Acne is a disease that affects the hair follicles of a person’s chest, face and back. Most of the teenagers suffer from this skin disorder during their period of puberty. Acne is not caused due to bacteria, but bacteria do play an important role in its development. Some women may also develop acne even in their mid or late twenties.
  • Port-wine stain: A port-wine stain is a birthmark where the blood vessels are swollen and create a discoloration of the skin. It is known to occur in approximately 3 out of a thousand people. Initially, these stains are pink in color and flat. But as a child grows up. The color of the stain can change to a purplish to dark red color. Most of the times, these stains occur on a person’s face, but it can occur on any part of the body.
  • Pigmentation marks: These are dark or light colored patches on a person’s skin and resemble large freckles and may appear as one grows older. They are popularly known as Age Spots. Initially, one may worry that these marks are cancerous in nature. However, they are not malignant. In case you are worried about any changes or new blemishes in your skin, you may consult a doctor.
  • Telangiectases: The tiny blood vessels get widened leading to red lines or particular patterns on a person’s skin. They form gradually and occur in areas like nose, lips, fingers, eyes and oral cavities. This skin condition may appear unattractive and can even cause discomfort.

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