Small Choices Make a Big Impact on Complexion

general dermatology Teaneck, NJ We sometimes forget about our skin; about the fact that it needs a certain type of care to radiate from the inside out. Then, when a breakout occurs or we notice more wrinkles than we imagined we had – or we notice a suspicious growth, we may feel overwhelmed at the concept of skin care. Managing the overall health and beauty of the body’s largest and most exposed organ need not be confusing. Here, we offer three simple choices that can make a big impact on your complexion, today and in the future.

Live with your health in mind.

What you eat, drink, and do will affect your body. The first place this typically shows up is on the skin. So, make a habit of:

  • Getting enough sleep each night. It is when we sleep that the body regenerates, including skin cells.
  • Eat well. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in each meal. The phytonutrients in plant-based foods feed the body on a cellular level, promoting health at its source.
  • Drink water. Sodas and other processed drinks are acidic, which can incite systemic inflammation throughout the body. Water and herbal teas are an excellent choice for consumption because they detoxify and replenish the cells.

Choose skincare wisely.

Skincare products are so abundant that we may either reach for the most affordable product or we may spend too much on topical products without preparing the skin’s surface. There are particular ingredients that one should look for in skincare solutions if they want to make a big impact on their complexion. Just one of the following can change your skin for the better:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Retinoids
  • Vitamin C
  • Green tea antioxidants

Also, remember that skin care can only do so much if the surface of your epidermis is covered with dead cells. Visit your dermatologist periodically for a gentle chemical peel to smooth and revive the uppermost layer of your skin.

Protect, protect, protect!

The need for sunscreen never ends. UV light penetrates even a thick layer of clouds, so it is crucial to remember sunscreen before leaving the house, no matter what the sky may tell you. One of the best protective measures is to apply zinc oxide sunscreen every single day of the year. Zinc oxide is a physical sunscreen that prevents the absorption of UV light into the skin. This type of product should be carefully applied to the backs of the hands, the arms, chest, back of the neck, face, ears, and any other exposed areas.

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