Mohs Surgery a Strong Contender for the Best Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the USA. At Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center who specializes in early diagnosis, preventive methods, and most advanced, most proven, effective treatments for Skin Cancer from the New Jersey and adjacent areas. The most effective treatment for basal, squamous cell, and some melanomas which is Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Which has a cure rate of 99.99% for primary cancers, and more than 95% for recurrent lesions. Mohs Surgery is done under local anesthesia, and done within the office setting.

Historically, skin cancers have been frozen or burned off, or removed with surgical excision. Each method destroys or eliminates cancerous cells that can be seen. However, in order to ensure adequate removal, these methods also require the destruction of healthy tissue around the lesion. Inevitably, a small amount of abnormal cells is left behind, simply due to the fact that they are microscopic and therefore nearly impossible to see with standard surgical loupes.

Noticing the inherent problems of standard skin cancer removal methods, Dr. Frederic Mohs developed a micrographic surgical technique that could minimize tissue destruction and maximize the odds of success cancer removal. We are proud providers of Mohs Micrographic Surgery, and invite you to learn more about this procedures in our New Jersey practice.

What is Mohs?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a highly sophisticated process where under surface of the tissue is cut into approximately 5 microns. The tissue is examined under the microscope to see 100% of the surface, rather than taking samples. This allows to remove all of the skin cancer without keeping any reminisces of the cancer cells, which accomplishes almost a 100% cure rate. At the same time it preserves normal tissue to allow for minimal scarring. The procedure involves excising the tissue layer by layer. Immediately following excision, the layer is mapped and examined under a microscope. Mapping enables the surgeon to pinpoint the exact locations of cancerous cells. The process of excision, mapping, and examination continues until all observed cells are normal and healthy. This differs from surgical excision (which is sampling) which has a higher reoccurrence rate.

Other methods such as curettage, desiccation, radiation, and topical treatment have a high reoccurrence rate. With these methods they do not have margin control.

Why Choose Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer?

There are several advantages to the meticulous Mohs procedure. These include:

  • Excellent cure rate. Mohs cures up to almost 100% of primary cancers. Recurrent cancers treated with Mohs have more than a 95% success rate.
  • The sophisticated process, which involved microscopic control significantly lowers the risk of recurrence.
  • Minimal scarring because of tissue preservation, which makes Mohs an excellent choice

Dr. Ragi was trained by Dr. Frederic Mohs, Paul Larson and Stephen Snow at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Ragi researched and published scientific papers with Dr. Frederic Mohs. Dr. Ragi is a fellow of American College of Mohs Surgery and has performed more than 20,000 skin cancer cases over the past two decades. Dr. Ragi has trained several dermatologists and Mohs Surgeons.

We are happy to consult with you regarding any skin cancer and treatment options. Visit our location , or call Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center at (201) 836-9696.

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