Identifying the Early Signs of Skin Cancer

When detected early, most forms of skin cancers can be cured almost completely. That is why it is essential to give your skin a complete examination, from head to toe. You can examine your skin on a regular basis using simple techniques devised by doctors. Fighting different types of skin cancer, including melanoma, becomes easier if you know how to identify the early signs of this condition.

What to Look For

  • The ABCDEs: One of the simplest ways to self-examine your skin for any signs of skin cancer is to know the ABCDEs of skin cancer symptoms.
    • A is for Asymmetrical – Check if the tumor or mole or any kind of growth is symmetrical or not. If the mole can be divided into two equal and symmetric halves if you draw a line through the middle, it is non-malignant. Otherwise, it may be an indication of melanoma.
    • B is for Border – Benign moles usually have smooth and even borders, while malignant ones are rough on the edges and may even seem blotched.
    • C is for Color – Benign moles are usually one color, while a malignant one can be in multiple colors including tan, dark brown, white and even blue.
    • D is for Diameter – Compared to malignant moles, benign moles have smaller diameter. However, malignant ones may start small and eventually grow bigger.
    • E is for Evolving – A benign mole does not evolve or grow in the long term. However a malignant one starts small and can grow, change color or even feel itchy and bleed.
  • The Ugly Duckling Test: Another way to detect early signs of skin cancer is to use the ugly duckling test, where the aim is to find if there is a nevi or a mole that goes against the usual mole pattern of the patient.

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