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If that pink butterfly that was once everything you wanted is now completely out of sync with who you are, you may be distracted by it in the worst possible way. Tattoos are highly personal and often chosen based on where one is at a particular moment in time. When the tattoo no longer serves its intended purpose, it’s time for it to go. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get a tattoo removed today than it ever has been.

What exactly is tattoo removal?

Technically, tattoo removal is any technique that gets rid of particles of ink that have been deposited into the epidermis. In this broader view, tattoo removal could describe dermabrasion (ouch!), creams (don’t bother), and laser tattoo removal. Even when laser tattoo removal was first developed and in need of refinement, it was clear to see that this method offered more benefits than anything else to date.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattooing works by inserting ink particles beneath the uppermost layer of the epidermis. These ink particles are foreign, so the body naturally tries to eliminate them. The thing is, tattoo ink is relatively heavy and particles are large enough that they cannot be dismantled when attacked by white blood cells. What laser tattoo removal does is break ink particles down until they are small enough for the white blood cells to usher them to the liver, where they are processed for elimination.

To achieve the desired outcome, a number of treatments are necessary. During each session, short pulses of laser light are directed at the skin. Light penetrates the epidermis and gradually deteriorates ink particles as energy is absorbed. The richer the pigment, the more it will absorb light. This means that darker tattoo ink will generally break up more quickly than lighter pigments. Light ink pigments are actually slightly reflective so will take a little more time to break down.

Laser tattoo removal has become so precise that it is possible to remove all or part of most tattoos. After the skin has been cleared of existing ink, a new tattoo may be applied in its place if so desired.

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