In a Hurry to Get Better Skin? We can Focus our Lens Right on Your Problem Areas!

Laser Procedures Teaneck, NJ At Advanced Laser Aesthetics in Chicago, our goal is to help patients find freedom from the dermatologic and cosmetic problems that cause frustration. As you may have guessed, we often use laser technology to do this. One of the platforms that we and our patients are excited about is the Focus Lens Array. This FDA-approved laser has been developed to address multiple concerns, including acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and wrinkles – all with no downtime. If your skin is beyond chemical peels and microdermabrasion but not ready for harsh resurfacing or surgery, this laser treatment may be the perfect in-between for you.

Focus Lens Array is part of the PicoSure laser platform. This technique quickly and gently affects the skin by pulsing high-energy light into the deepest layers of the skin. What makes Focus Lens Array different is that high-level energy is focused on only 10 percent of the skin. The other 90 percent is targeted by low-level energy. The combination of the two maximizes deep infiltration while simultaneously promoting a non-traumatic healing effect. The higher energy provides collagen and elastin production, while low-level energy softens tissue affected by stretch marks and scars. Ultimately, patients heal faster and better due to the partnering of high-level and low-level light.

No Downtime, Really!

One of the aspects of modern treatments that patients appreciate the most is that they have little to no downtime. Clinical studies have put the Focus Lens Array right into a virtually-no-downtime category. After treatment, patients say their skin feels slightly tight or windblown. This sensation can last a day or two. However, the redness that typically goes along with it is limited to only a few hours. So while you may feel that effects of treatment on your skin, you won’t see negative side effects. Your skin will not become swollen and will not peel, it will simply regenerate from the inside out.

What Focus Lens Array Can Do

Focus Lens Array is an all-around rejuvenating laser treatment that stimulates responses in the dermis to rebuild the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. Patients undergo this treatment to address concerns that range from volume loss to tissue laxity and droopy skin. Treatment can also improve the tone and texture of the skin by infusing it with collagen. The increase in collagen also heals scars and decreases sun damage.

Now is a great time to schedule laser skin rejuvenation in our Chicago office. Call 773.345.8000 to schedule your treatment.

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