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Hair Restoration New Jersey

Our mission is to provide the best possible skin cancer care through early diagnosis, up to date advanced prevention methods, most effective skin cancer treatments, and cutting-edge treatments, in a professional, compassionate and humanistic environment at our state-of-the-art facility by highly trained experienced physicians.

Artas Robotics Technology

The differences between the ARTAS® Procedure & other hair transplant methods could not be more extreme.

This FDA-cleared, minimally invasive, physician-assisted technology provides permanent, natural-looking results without the plugs, pain and stitches associated with traditional hair transplants like strip surgery.

ARTAS Robotic Technology vs. Manual Method
  • ARTAS Robotic Accuracy, Precision and Reproducibility vs. Inconsistent and Variable Manual Results
  • High-Definition Stereoscopic Vision System vs. Magnifying Loupes
  • The ARTAS System monitors and updates parameters for each follicular unit 60 times per second vs. The human eye and brain can only process 10 to 12 separate images per second
  • ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms are used to detect and determine many characteristics including angles, thickness and hair type vs. Subjective guessing is used to determine hair characteristics

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Meet Dr. Gangaram Ragi

Dr. Ragi is the director, Laser and Mohs Surgeon of Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer Center having performed over 15,000 skin cancer and laser surgeries over the past 20 years while seeing over 50,000 patients. Dr. Ragi is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of Mohs Surgery in the world who taught hundreds of dermatology residents and medical students and currently trains Mohs Surgeons.

  • Trained by Dr. Frederic Mohs
  • Nationally and internationally recognized
  • Former Chief of Mohs Surgery and clinical professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine NY
  • Former Chief of dermatology at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck
  • Fellow of the American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery & Cutaneous Oncology, American Academy of

Dermatology, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and American Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine.

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