Resurfacing Season has Arrived!

Portrait of stunning woman in towel and turban on head enjoying touching her perfect face skin with fingers isolated on white backgroundAs the long, hot days move farther behind us, we have a lot to look forward to. Fall is often the beginning of what we call sweater weather. We know we’ll spend much of the next several months bundled up, which could lead us to neglect our skin. This is the time to do exactly the opposite. As we look at the changing seasons ahead, we have the chance to address the changes that the previous seasons have brought to our skin. If you look in the mirror, you may notice that your summer glow has faded into a dull, dreary complexion. This isn’t because you’re not in the sun as often as much as it is that your epidermis may be coated in a layer of dead and damaged skin cells. These non vital skin cells may also be making fine lines more visible and your skin rougher. Hence, the reason to see your dermatologist

Youthful Skin is In There Somewhere

When the epidermis is covered in a blanket of dull skin cells, there is no vibrancy to be found, or so it seems. To reveal the skin’s true beauty, all we need to do is exfoliate. There are several ways to obliterate the damaged cellular layer without a lengthy recovery period. At Advanced Laser & Skin Cancer Center, our patients have options that include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments. Each of these techniques has a unique method of action, so may achieve slightly varying degrees of exfoliation. The beauty of this is that the choice is each patient’s to make. 

The benefits of a good exfoliating treatment can be appreciated right away. Even a light chemical peel that sloughs off only the very uppermost layer of skin cells can revive the skin’s brightness and smoothness. Chemical peels can also reduce clogged pores so acne flare-ups are brought under control. Microdermabrasion has similar effects with zero downtime. Laser skin resurfacing may require a day or two of downtime in terms of just staying at home and out of the sun due to redness and minor swelling. However, these treatments may have a greater effect on sun spots, roughness, and even mild tissue laxity. 

We Can Help You Revive Your Skin

Now is the best time of year to explore the skin resurfacing treatments your dermatologist has to offer. To schedule your consultation and treatment, contact our Teaneck, NJ office at 201.836.9696.

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