Addressing the Factors that Age the Face

Facial aging is unavoidable. However, scientific research has helped doctors and estheticians understand the various factors that influence how quickly and how severely aging occurs. This knowledge allows us to provide the utmost care to every patient, recommending services that address their concerns while basing those services on their unique aging process. Here, we discuss the factors that affect facial appearance and what we may do to manage them.


Our genes may set us up to be more susceptible to a wide variety of health conditions. Dermatologic conditions that can be passed down the family line include eczema, sensitive skin, even hair loss. It is important to note that genetic factors contribute to aging regardless of what we do. For this reason, it is even more important to manage the factors that can be controlled.


Cigarettes and tobacco products contain chemicals that affect the vascular system. When one smokes, the blood vessels narrow. Because smoke is released directly in front of facial skin, it is not uncommon to see visible facial veins. This happens because tobacco smoke causes the superficial blood vessels in the skin to narrow. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to accelerated cosmetic aging.

Sun Exposure

Like smoking, ultraviolet light breaks down the healthy strands of collagen and elastin that form the foundation of healthy, firm, vibrant skin. Sun exposure is also associated with an increased risk of melasma for those with a genetic predisposition. This controllable factor can be managed by wearing SPF 30 sunscreen daily, rain or shine. On brighter days or longer days in the sun, one may wear a wide-brimmed hat for better protection.


We know that what we eat affects our general health and weight, but we may not know the whole of it. Eating fatty, sugary foods contributes to inflammation in the body. Inflammation can occur anywhere, including the skin. Therefore, we may be more prone to acne flare-ups, puffiness, and other inflammatory skin conditions if we do not watch what we eat. Eating a healthy diet with good fats, lots of leafy greens, and fresh fruits provides the body with the antioxidants it needs to avoid premature aging.

Facial aging is going to happen. The question is how quickly and how intensely will it show up. If you want to postpone or reverse the signs of facial aging, schedule a visit with us. We offer several services that address the factors that age the skin. From Botox and dermal fillers to laser treatments to chemical peels, your dermatologist has solutions that can work wonderfully for you. Call 201.836.9696 to schedule your visit to our Teaneck, NJ office.

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