Cosmetic Treatments Take the Tired Off Your Face

There are times when we naturally expect to look tired; perhaps after an especially long or stressful day at work, or during the months of new parenthood. Whatever the reason, looking tired is more tolerable when there is one. When we have no way to explain why we look tired, there is a problem. At Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer, our experienced team has several ways in which we help patients address their concern about looking tired when they’re not. Addressing this issue doesn’t just mean you look more energetic and awake; it can mean you feel all-around better about your appearance.

Here’s How We Can Help

One of the reasons why cosmetic treatments like facelift surgery and eyelid rejuvenation are so popular is because many, many people feel as though their inner life force is no longer portrayed by their appearance. In our practice, we understand what makes the face look fatigued and get right to those sources to correct them.

Correcting Tired Eyes

The eyes are the part of the face that exudes what is going on inside. We’ve all seen this in action and can instantly tell what a person’s energy level is by looking at their eyes. A characteristic that is demonstrative of vibrancy and youthful energy is openness. Over time, the tissue around the eyes changes in ways that obstruct the openness of youth. Often, it is upper eyelid heaviness that is the origin of tired-looking eyes. An easy way to correct this problem is to lift the eyebrows with a few injections of Botox Cosmetic. Botox reduces the muscle tension that pulls the brow line downward so the skin on the upper eyelids can appear smoother and tighter.

Reviving Tired-Looking Skin

It isn’t uncommon for people to overlook the value of their skin when it comes to looking youthful and energetic. When the skin looks mottled, spotted, or generally dull, the face loses its vibrancy. Skin that does not glow also does not look energized. To revive radiance in the skin, it is necessary to remove the dead and damaged cells that have accumulated on the surface as cellular debris. This may be accomplished with a customized chemical peel or with laser resurfacing treatment. We offer several options in both to meet patients’ expectations and preferences.

Look like your most vibrant self at any age. Schedule a skin rejuvenating consultation in our Teaneck, NJ office at 201.836.9696.

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