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Short-haired blonde looks tenderly at camera, dressed in white sundress with bare shoulders.

Which Procedures Help Treat Sun and Age Spots?

Age spots and sun spots develop gradually over time with prolonged UV ray exposure. Most often occurring in people over 40. Do you love spending time in the sun but don’t want to live with age spots? Give us a call to learn more about these helpful procedures. Chemical Peeling A chemical peel involves applying… Read More »

Spider hemangioma on the skin of the nose - capillary telangiectasia on the face

What Can I Do about Visible Blood Vessels on My Face?

Telangiectasia. This isn’t a term that most people hear very often, if ever. The most common name used to describe these tiny broken capillaries and blood vessels is spider veins. However, when we think of spider veins, we usually think of the webs of veins that develop on the legs. In reality, though, telangiectasia can… Read More »

Oh, What We Can Achieve with Lasers!

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen enormous growth in the area of aesthetic medicine. Doctors had begun using laser devices for medical procedures years prior to the development of machines that could harness the right wavelengths of light for just about every dermatologic concern. The safety rating for lasers had already been proven. All… Read More »

Here’s Why Laser Treatments are Beneficial for Aging Skin

Historically, the primary solution for aging skin has been to lift it and trim it during facelift surgery. As technologies have continued to advance, though, more people are recognizing the value of nonsurgical modalities like laser skin resurfacing and light treatments. As devices have been developed and improved over time, studies have continued to follow… Read More »

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