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Wrinkles 101

October 15, 2015
by editor
Forehead Wrinkles

Would you like to learn more about preventing wrinkles and looking younger? Here’s what you should know: What causes wrinkles to develop? Wrinkles are usually caused by age, repeated facial expressions, sun damage, or smoking. While you can’t do much about wrinkles caused by facial expressions or aging, you can avoid sun damage and quit...  read more

Understanding Rosacea: Causes and Treatment

August 15, 2015
by blogwriter

Rosacea is a lasting and a very common skin condition that has affected the lives of approximately 14 million Americans. Inflammation of skin and patchy redness particularly on the chin, nose and cheeks are symptoms of this skin condition. It can affect people in the age group of 30 to 50 but is more common...  read more