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Don’t be Fooled by the Sneakiness of Skin Cancer

November 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Treatment Teaneck, NJ

Skin cancer is an important topic of discussion, not only in the medical setting but our daily lives. We must know what we are up against, and how skin cancer may manifest, and how to protect ourselves from unnecessary harm to our general health and wellness. To date, the best information that we have been...  read more

Small Choices Make a Big Impact on Complexion

October 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
general dermatology Teaneck, NJ

We sometimes forget about our skin; about the fact that it needs a certain type of care to radiate from the inside out. Then, when a breakout occurs or we notice more wrinkles than we imagined we had – or we notice a suspicious growth, we may feel overwhelmed at the concept of skin care....  read more

Chemical Peels for Great Skin: Here’s What You Need to Know

September 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
chemical peels Teaneck, NJ

Chemical peels provide some benefits for patients of our Teaneck dermatology practice. Using this method of exfoliation, it is possible to prolong the appearance of youth, manage acne-prone skin, pamper aging skin, and more. We are pleased to offer a range of light to deep peels based on patients’ needs and preferences. Now that Fall...  read more

Want Softer Skin? Do This!

August 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
chemical peels Teaneck, NJ

When our skin tends to be the softest and smoothest, we’re far too young to appreciate it. It may not be until we touch a baby’s skin that we feel the pangs of loss for ourselves. The fact is, age and other factors can rob us of our baby-soft skin. There is another fact, though:...  read more

Summer May Deliver Something you Didn’t Expect

July 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
skin health Teaneck, NJ

  As we get full swing into summer, what we may be thinking about is how we can get “just enough” the sun to avoid burning and other damage. We may be planning how to avoid the peak hours, or how to prevent UV exposure to the fullest extent without curbing our desire to be...  read more

The Many Marvels of Mohs Surgery

June 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
Mohs Surgery Teaneck, NJ

Skin cancer is an enemy of your skin. To overcome the diagnosis of skin cancer, it may feel as though you need the help of a Marvel comic book hero. There is something akin to a virtual super-hero in the world of dermatology. It’s called Mohs Micrographic Surgery, and it is a treatment we are...  read more

Early Diagnosis for Melanoma is Possible. Get Skin-Savvy!

May 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer

Melanoma is the type of skin cancer that poses the greatest concern for all of us. As experienced dermatologists, it is our hope that we can provide our patients with the information they need to understand their skin cancer risk, and to achieve the earliest possible detection of any this disease. While melanoma is concerning,...  read more

Dry Skin may be more than a Nuisance

April 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer
dry skin

Dry skin is a problem for a lot of people, especially during the cold winter months. You would think that the warmer weather of spring would lend way to healthier, more vibrant skin. This natural transition with the seasons doesn’t always happen; and, when it doesn’t, you may feel more than a little frustrated. When...  read more

Staying on Top of The Moisture Game

March 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer

The harsh months of winter weather are slowly fading away, and many of us are looking forward to the welcome of Springtime. Just because we are heading toward the wonderfully warmer time of year does not mean that we can let up on our efforts to keep skin from becoming too dry. Here, we will...  read more

Did you Resolve to Hit the Gym This Year? Here's What your Skin Needs!

February 15, 2017
by Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer

A gym membership can make it easier to uphold your resolution to be physically fit. Even if you’re not after washboard abs, there is a lot to be gained by engaging in classes or workouts at your local fitness center. At the same time, sharing your workout space with dozens upon dozens of other people...  read more